Home Visiting Advice for Patients

Home visits: For patients and their families/carers

“Reducing the COVID-19 risk to you from us and to us from you”


  • All potential home visits will be assessed by phone and/or video consultation first
  • Visits will be minimised to reduce our mutual risks
  • If a visit is deemed clinically necessary, the clinician will advise you of a timeframe for the visit at pre-assessment, to allow the household to get ready


  • Please ensure your front door is open/on the latch so the clinician can enter without encountering anyone
  • If possible please could a bowl of water, liquid soap and clean towel to be available in this area
  • The patient should be in a room close to the main entry of the property – please ensure the window is open (as much as the outside temperature allows) and that the door is shut
  • The patient should be prepared to be given a mask to wear when the clinician enters – this is independent of whether COVID-19 is suspected or not
  • Pets must be kept in another room with the door shut
  • Other family members should be also be in a separate room with the door shut
  • Ideally the patient should be alone
  • There are often good reasons why the patient might wish a family member or carer to be present, if so
    • There should be only one other person present
    • They should be prepared to wear a mask given to them by the clinician on arrival, regardless of their COVID-19 status
    • They must not be displaying symptoms of COVID-19 themselves
  • A full assessment will already have been carried out by phone or video, the clinician is coming in purely to perform an examination, as rapidly and efficiently as possible (less than 15 minutes to avoid risk in both directions)
  • The clinician will require an area just inside the front door where they are alone to don protective gear
  • They will enter the patient’s room and provide the patient and any family member/carer with a face mask to wear waiting at 2 metres/outside the room while this happens
  • They will undertake the examination and leave
  • They should be given a few minutes again in the entry of the house alone to remove their protective gear (and wash hands if possible)

The clinician will phone or use video consulting to advise you of findings and follow-up to minimise time inside the property – this may not be immediate, depending on decontamination needs of the vehicle and workload.